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Understanding Black Mold

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

black mold and it scientific name Stachybotrys chartarum Stachybotrys chartarum, it is one of the most common forms of mold growth found in houses

Chances are good that at one point or another you have heard of black mold. Officially known as Stachybotrys chartarum, it is one of the most common forms of mold growth found in houses in Oxford Township,NJ. This mold is typically black or green in color and has a slimy texture as well as a characteristic musty odor. It thrives in moisture-rich environments with high humidity and may be indicative of water damage. When dealing with this type of mold, it is important to always enlist professional cleanup assistance right away.

Where Is It Found?

Check for black mold in moist places and areas that frequently hold water. This may include basements, kitchens, garages and bathrooms. Here are a few particular spots in the home where mold is often located:

  • Pipes underneath sinks
  • Ceilings and drywall
  • Windowsills
  • Wood paneling
  • Carpet and furniture
  • Air conditioning units and HVAC ducts

Excessive condensation, poor ventilation, flooding and leaking pipes are all factors that create ideal conditions for mold to flourish. Pay special attention to spaces that may be prone to moisture or standing water.

What Causes It?

Mold spores are constantly in the air around us, but they require water to actively grow. Thus, one of the key aspects of mold remediation is repairing any ongoing leaks and keeping indoor humidity below 45 percent. Also be mindful not to leave damp carpets, wet piles of clothing or other pulpy materials lying about. Not only does maintaining a dry environment stop the growth of Stachybotrys chartarum, but it also inhibits the development of other commonly occurring household molds.

How To Fix It

If you discover black mold in your house, there is no need to panic. Treat the mold with caution, and do not attempt to remove it yourself. Instead, call an experienced professional. Mold remediation specialists in Oxford Township,NJ, are available year-round to address a variety of problems and concerns. Using specialized technology, experts can quickly provide full-scale remediation and restoration services. Do not let this mold cause you undue stress. Knowledgeable mold cleanup technicians are always Here to Help.

Why You Should Not Drive Through Flooded Streets

9/11/2019 (Permalink)

Red truck and a black car driving through a flooded street Flooded road in Washington Township, NJ

Why You Should Not Drive Through Flooded Streets

When a major storm is heading for Washington Township, NJ, you may need to evacuate as soon as possible. Yet you also have to drive away safely. A flooded street, in particular, can be a hidden danger as you head for higher ground. Driving on flooded roads can lead to:

  • Your vehicle getting damaged
  • Your car getting stranded
  • Your passengers getting injured or killed

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control recently found that more than half of flood-related drowning resulted from a person driving into flooded waters. That’s because it is often hard to tell how deep the water is until it is too late.

Shallow Water, Major Damage

Even relatively minor flooding can cause serious destruction. Just six inches of water on a flooded street can cause your vehicle’s wheels to lose traction. This could lead to a serious car accident that could damage you or your vehicle.
Once 12 inches of water floods onto a road, your car could start floating away. If this happens, you will be unable to brake or steer. Two feet of water is all it takes to float a larger vehicle such as a pickup truck or SUV.
Flood water that is more than two feet deep poses an additional danger. At this point, water could get into your engine and stop it from running. Your vehicle could stall, leaving you stranded and unable to drive to safer ground.

Flood Travel Tips

Before heading out during a storm, check online to see which roads are flooded. You can also research alternate routes to take. Above all, do not drive into a flooded street. Instead, turn around and find a safer road.
Once the floodwaters have receded, you can safely return to your home and assess your property. If the water has gotten inside your house, contact your local storm damage restoration specialists. They can remove the excess water and dry out your belongings.

Leaking Kitchen Sink: What Next?

8/23/2019 (Permalink)

Leaking kitchen sink

Water damage in your Mount Hermon, NJ home can be devastating, and when the source comes from an everyday item like your kitchen sink, the stress and expense can add to the problem quickly. Swift action is crucial when you find water in home in order to minimize damage and ensure proper coverage from your insurance company.

Initial Steps to Minimize Damage

Extensive flooding from a leaking kitchen sink is all too common, especially if the leak begins overnight or when no one is home to stop the problem. Several immediate steps should be taken as soon as you discover the leak:

  1. Shut off the water: A leaking sink probably stems from the pipes or other internal issue in the home, so the only way to stifle the flooding is to cut off the home’s water source immediately
  2. Call your insurance company: Before you can begin any drying or repairs, reach out to your insurance company so that you understand the best ways to highlight the extent of the damage to ensure you will receive proper coverage during the cleanup and kitchen repair stages
  3. Call restoration professionals: Working with professionals to properly dry and ventilate the area will help reduce the risk of secondary damage such as black mold and weakened floors and other structural elements of the home

Additional Tips

Remember that mold growth and other secondary damage can occur throughout the home, including rooms away from the original source of the flooding. Porous items in particular easily absorb water and humidity, and are difficult to fully dry, so ensure you remove these items from the kitchen right away to prevent mold growth. Items that are wet should be dried as much as possible, and placed in an area that receives adequate ventilation. By acting quickly to reduce additional water damage, working closely with your insurance and restoration companies, and making sure additional items do not stay wet, your home’s kitchen can be returned back to normal more quickly with less stress and expense.

3 Tips to Protect Your Building From a Spring Storm

8/16/2019 (Permalink)

After a long, cold winter, the warm spring weather can be a great relief. However, in addition to bringing higher temperatures and beautiful flowers, this time of year is known for some heavy storms. Luckily, there are things you can do to help protect your commercial building in Oxford Township,NJ, from a strong spring storm.

1. Have the Building Inspected

Your building may be more vulnerable than you are aware of. Small roof leaks can become extremely dangerous when there is heavy rainfall. Having someone come and inspect your roof, doors and windows to make sure they all close properly can prevent serious storm damage. During a storm, you can end up with a pipe break, which becomes even worse when leaves and debris block the area. Always have your pipes checked and gutters cleaned before the rainy season begins.

2. Be Weather Aware

Oftentimes, a spring storm can hit with little notice. When the weather turns dangerous, staying informed about changing conditions can give you and your employees the opportunity to get to a safe place. Make sure all workers are aware of what to do and where to go in the event that disaster does strike. Remember to have flashlights and other necessities on hand in the event of a power outage.

3. Hire a Storm Cleanup Company

Sometimes storm damage is inevitable. Hiring a professional storm cleanup company right away can help you avoid further issues with the property, such as mold growth from flooding. The company will inspect the building and close up any roof leaks or other areas that are still at risk of flooding or other problems.
Natural disasters can strike at any time in Oxford Township,NJ, but preparing your commercial building in advance can help keep your employees safe and lower chances of severe damage. When that next spring storm does hit, know who to call to get you back in business as soon as possible.

How Interruption Insurance Can Help Your Business Recover From a Fire

8/9/2019 (Permalink)

The key button of a computer that says: "Business Insurance" Business income insurance covers lost revenue and certain expenses due to business interruption

After a fire at your Washington Township, NJ, business, your income may be slow or even completely stop for a while as you try to get your facility back to normal. Interruption insurance can help your business stay afloat during this tough time.

What Is Business Income Coverage?

Business income insurance covers lost revenue and certain expenses due to business interruption. What is and is not covered depends on the insurance company and the policy, but may include the following:

  • Lost income
  • Payroll
  • Monthly bills
  • Temporary relocation expenses

Because coverage varies among companies, it is important to familiarize yourself with the details of your policy before you are the victim of a fire. Additionally, your insurance company will need records of your income and expenses to determine how much they will pay out. It is important to store these records in a secure location so that they are available when you need them.

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

The amount of interruption insurance coverage that you should purchase depends not only on your typical income and expenses, but also a few factors you might not have considered. For example, how much would it cost to rent a comparable commercial space in your area? If you own the building you work out of, rent costs may surprise you. Do you have a lot of physical merchandise? Replacing stock can take a while; however, fully digital companies may be able to restore their “merchandise” more quickly if it is backed up. How susceptible is your property to fire? A well-maintained sprinkler system will likely extinguish small fires before they completely gut a building. All of these variables affect how much coverage your business will need.
Even though interruption insurance can help you remain financially stable during the fire restoration process, you will still want to get your business back to normal as quickly as possible. A reliable restoration company will make sure the job is done quickly and correctly.

3 Fire Safety Skill Games For Kids

7/23/2019 (Permalink)

Have kids practice crawling on their hands and kness

Kids should be aware of fundamental fire safety skills for use at home in Oxford Township,NJ. These three games are effective for teaching kids safety techniques without feeding irrational fears.

Two Routes From Every Room

Sit down with a floor plan of your home and have kids identify at least two routes out of each room, including hallways and windows. You might also propose situations in which there is a fire in a certain part of the house to challenge kids to weigh options and come up with alternative fire escape routes.

Door Tests

The ability to test doors for heat is an essential kids safety technique that can prevent injuries during an emergency evacuation. Teach children to feel the temperature of a non-metal part of the door with the back of their hand and check knobs for heat before carefully cracking it open. Opening doors too quickly can provide flames with a burst of oxygen and result in a sudden surge and severe injury.

Bed Rolls and Floor Crawls

Children should know that heat rises and that they should remain as low to the ground as they can during a fire. Press a fire alarm test button to familiarize kids with the sound and have them practice rolling and sliding out of bed onto the floor and crawling on their hands and knees or all the way down on their elbows.
These kids safety activities can be as active or quiet as parents and children prefer. In addition to playing these games on a regular basis, parents should plan ahead to promote comprehensive home fire safety. Gather important information ranging from property ownership documents to health records and home insurance and restoration company contact information in a fire-safe box or evacuation kit. Planning and practice can make fire evacuation, cleanup and rebuilding smoother and safer for the whole family.

Tips for Cleaning Commercial Air Ducts

7/23/2019 (Permalink)

Keep your air ducts clean

Without the help of large HVAC units, commercial properties in Mount Hermon, NJ become unbearable stuffy and create miserable working conditions. Keeping the cool air circulating throughout the building is the job of hundreds of feet of ductwork, but sometimes these ducts carry more than cold air. Black mold spores could be hiding in the flow of air.

Properties Prime for Mold Growth

• Apartments
• Warehouses
• Hotels
• Condos
• Retail Stores

Development of Growth

Without a proper cleaning, air ducts can become an unseen location for harmful mold growth. Mold spores require moist air to thrive, and if the ductwork in your building has gotten wet, the continuous air supply makes it a perfect spot to mildew. The mold spores could have entered from any number of locations throughout the building, but the combination of moisture and air is what will develop the spores into black mold. Apart from the growth in the ducts, the spores will travel into areas where the registers release the air and create new breeding grounds. You may notice an odor in certain rooms when the air conditioning is running or see the black growth sprouting out behind the air returns.

Cleaning Opportunities

Foundational to keeping growth at bay is continual maintenance and cleaning of the HVAC system and keeping clean ducts. The air originates here and travels throughout the ductwork. Decontaminating the surfaces of all registers, returns, vents, drain pain, and grills with cleaner will help keep the ductwork clean, just as does changing out the air filters and air cleaners regularly. Commercial companies that specialize in mold remediation services have the equipment necessary to get inside the ductwork to clean, vacuum and sanitize contaminated areas.
The primary way to keep your commercial air vents free of black mold is the keep your HVAC system and duct system free of harmful mold spores. Reducing humidity and moist also make it difficult for mold to grow.

Tackling Winter Ice Dam Issues on Your Roof

7/9/2019 (Permalink)

Ice dam in a Washington Township, NJ roof

During the winter in Washington Township, NJ, it's not unusual to find an ice dam on your roof. They can cause damage to your home if left unchecked, so you shouldn't wait for the spring thaw to take care of it for you. Prepare yourself before the first freeze in order to protect your property.

How Do You Know You've Got One?

A dam is an accumulation of ice near the edge of your roof that can prevent snow and water from draining, which might cause roof damage or leaks. They can form during a winter storm or freeze. There are some signs that may indicate you have one:

  • icicles, especially large ones
  • trapped water near the edge of the roof
  • water stains and moisture inside your home

What To Do if You've Found One

Once you've identified an ice dam, it is recommended that you contact a storm damage remediation service to handle it properly. First, they will remove the snow near the edge of the roof. Then they will probably use calcium chloride ice melt product within a special stocking to lay it over the ice. Be sure that they protect any plants below with tarp to prevent chloride poisoning from the runoff.

How Can You Prevent One?

What's most important for ice dam prevention is vigilance. Walk around your home regularly and remove any icicles you see, if it is safe to do so- remember not to stand beneath them. If they are too high up or the conditions seem too dangerous you should reach out to a contractor. You can also have snow removed and gutters cleared as often as possible throughout the winter months.

The aftermath of a winter storm can leave you with a lot on your plate. Don't forget to check for dams in order to avoid a longer to-do list later. Keep your home warm and dry this holiday season with these simple recommendations.

4 Fire Safety Purchases for the 2019 Fiscal Year

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

Exit signs are used for safety

Consider These New Purchases to Ensure Proper Safety

When your company decides on new purchases for the year, it would be wise to keep fire safety on the list. A business fire could occur anywhere, and not taking time to follow proper safety procedures could lead to future headaches. Fires occur more often than you think, and in different ways:

  • About two-thirds of fires happen between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  • One-third of these were caused by cooking equipment.
  • 4 out of 5 fires stayed in the room they started in.

These businesses were put into recovery mode, having to spend money on damage repair instead of prevention. For your own business in Mount Hermon, NJ, consider these new purchases to ensure proper safety.

1.Fire Extinguishers

Fire preparation should start with fire extinguishers. The tool creates a solution for employees during a fire emergency. When they are on hand, and everyone knows their location, your company may reduce its chances of fire damage. If you already own extinguishers, make sure your monthly check is written down.

2.Exit Light Repairs

Sometimes, the overhead lights can go down during an emergency. If you have noticed the exit sign is not lit, this could spell serious issues down the line should a business fire occur. It is not just for safety; it is a company standard. Simply replace the bulb or the entire sign.

3.Employee Safety Training

There are many courses available to teach employees how to evacuate safely. These can be purchased online. While it may seem like a given, many people panic when true emergencies happen. Make sure that everyone is on the same page by following the same procedure.

4.Material Safety Data Sheets

Up to date information is usually helpful. If your data sheets were misplaced or are damaged, it may be good to replace them. You can find them online, call your local Occupational Health Office, or check with a local science library.

If you have had the misfortune of a business fire, you probably understand the value of good safety equipment. It is better to take the road of prevention than the road of recovery.

Preventing the Damage Water Can Do During Building Construction

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

Checking old water heaters can also prevent a flooded project after a long weekend

Three Ways to Prevent Water Damage During a Construction Project

As a contractor or building manager in Oxford Township,NJ, you may be involved in a wide assortment of building projects from redesigning a portion of a commercial building to creating an addition on an existing structure. You have also probably experienced water disasters during a project such as torrential rains or a broken pipe flood. Although some water pipe repair projects can be easy to fix, the water damage they leave in their wake can be very costly. Here are three ways to prevent water damage during a construction project.

Identify Possible Issues

If you are upgrading a building, possibly weak plumbing may be an identifiable issue. Checking old water heaters, sewer connections, and water sprinkler lines can also help prevent a flooded project after a long weekend. Recognizing possible issues can allow you to fix the pipe before it becomes a problem.

Inspect Areas Frequently

A simple nail through an area filled with water pipes can cause an immense amount of damage if not caught quickly. For that reason, setting up frequent inspections of areas that could provide potential water problems is important. Making a water pipe repair before the tubing bursts can save time and money on the job.

Incorporate Testing Programs

As different stages of building are completed, incorporating testing programs for areas including water pipes and sewer connections can ensure there are no leaks that may cause future water problems. Checking and securing connections on older piping during testing can also prevent issues in that part of the building.

If your company has taken the above three precautions in preventing water damage on your construction site, you have done all you can to avoid a water pipe repair problem. There are unforeseen circumstances, however, such as freezing weather conditions or a shifting building that can damage water pipes. When that occurs, call in an emergency water remediation team to control the water and get your company back to work.