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Can Commercial Premises Recover from Flooding?

10/18/2020 (Permalink)

A man sitting on a float floating in water. Call SERVPRO when it comes to your Hackettstown business water damage.

A Business with Commercial Flood Damage Requires Professional Guidance to Return to its Normal Condition. SERVPRO Helps Hackettstown Businesses Survive Flood Losses.

A natural disaster like flooding can play havoc with your Hackettstown business. These events can be devastating and expensive for a business owner. SERVPRO is a qualified water restoration service for commercial buildings. Our experienced crew chiefs can help guide you through this challenging time and ensure you make your business's best decisions. We follow the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certifications (IICRC) S500 Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration. By following these independent guidelines, we can reassure you that our work quality stands up to the highest standards.

How is restoration organized for commercial property?

  • Setting up a staging area increases restoration efficiency by avoiding long trips to and from equipment vans.
  • Protecting the users of a commercial building as well as workers that may require personal protective equipment (PPE) or sanitary workspaces
  • Setting up engineering controls to reduce the spread of contaminants from one area of the business to another.

Is it possible to reduce commercial property damage from flooding?

The first seventy-two hours are essential to flood damage mitigation in your Hackettstown business. These periods are typically when structural materials and contents have the best chance of recovery. To mitigate the potential losses of a flood at your business, it is essential to extract excess water from the property. SERVPRO technicians can pump out all types of floodwaters and remove the bulk materials from the floor, including raw sewage, silt, or other dirt forms. Our team can evaluate your business premises in more detail by performing these emergency services and provide a more accurate time frame for restoration. 

How does flood restoration typically end?

  • Disposing of waste and non-salvageable materials collected from the property
  • Decontamination of all equipment as well as workers 
  • In some cases, remediation verification from an industrial hygienist to ensure that the property is safe to resume business

The financial impact of flooding on your business can be extreme. Contact SERVPRO of Warren County at (908) 454-3900 for expert assistance.

Is a Fire Restoration Technician Necessary After a Hackettstown Home Fire?

10/10/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Our goal, like yours, is to make the fire a distant memory.

Fire Restoration Technicians Can Assess the Scope of the Damage and Take Action to Restore your Hackettstown Home Efficiently

When homeowners in Hackettstown view the damage left behind by a fire, they may think of restoring the home themselves. At first glance, it may look like a fine layer of black dust on surfaces and furniture, but nothing that a household cleaner couldn’t handle. In reality, soot and smoke following the flames may be harder to remove than you think, and cleaners could cause further damage due to their abrasive nature.

Before you decide to carry out the fire cleanup of your Hackettstown home by yourself, reach out to SERVPRO for our expert advice. Once you call our 24/7 hotline, you access our vast knowledge of all aspects of fire, including how it burns and travels through your home. Our expertise guides a thorough inspection of your home, including your ventilation system, which may be responsible for the soot and odor traveling into seemingly unaffected areas.

How can odor be removed from walls and structural elements?
At SERVPRO, we often encounter homeowners explaining that their walls and ceiling smell of smoke, and they can’t get rid of the stench. Because we understand the chemical composition and behavior of smoke, we know which techniques to apply to counteract the pungent smell. Furthermore, the industrial-grade EPA-approved solutions we use are targeted to your specific needs. Some of those techniques may include the following:
· Use of air scrubbers to clean the air
· Ozone generators to neutralize the smell molecules
· Thermal foggers to spray deodorizing agents throughout your home

Advanced techniques go hand-in-hand with increasing air circulation with high-velocity fans as well as air movers. Cleaning your HVAC system is also essential to make your home smell fresh despite the fire.

SERVPRO of Warren County is at your service by placing a call to (908) 454-3900. Our goal, like yours, is to make the fire a distant memory. Together, we can leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

What Can Mold Damage In My Hackettstown Home Do To My Heirlooms?

9/26/2020 (Permalink)

mold damaged wall For help protecting your precious heirlooms, call SERVPRO of Warren County at (908) 454-3900.

Hackettstown Homeowners Want To Keep Precious Heirlooms Safe From Mold

Most families have at least a few heirlooms. Many Hackettstown homes have old photographs, well-loved soft toys, paintings, books, or other possessions tucked safely away in an attic or basement.

Heirlooms are often out of sight and out of mind – but mold damage to your Hackettstown home can wreak havoc with them. It is better to be aware of the dangers now, so you can keep your precious things safe from fungal growth.

Why are heirlooms in danger from mold?
Mold is a naturally-occurring fungus. Most of us have the misfortune of finding mold growing on food occasionally, but it can grow on lots of other things. Mold spores can develop a mold colony so long as they have moisture, darkness, and an organic food source. Heirlooms are often kept in the dark places like attics or basements, and they frequently provide a food source, including:

    •    Paper products like postcards, books, and photographs
    •    Arts and crafts projects such as canvas paintings, sewing projects, or scrapbooks
    •    Textiles like soft toys, clothes, and blankets

Can I do anything to keep my heirlooms safe?
Prevention is better than cure. SERVPRO suggests you keep your heirlooms safe by:
    •    Keeping your storage areas dry by using a dehumidifier
    •    Regularly checking for signs of mold so you can catch it before it gets too bad
    •    Airing out by opening the windows and doors if possible, or using fans
    •    Storing items above the floor and away from the walls

Call us immediately if you notice signs of mold – the faster you call us, the sooner we can start remediation and prevent further damage.

How can SERVPRO help with mold?
Our technicians use a range of scrubbing, HEPA vacuuming, and antimicrobial treatments to remediate mold.

We also have special techniques, such as ultrasonic cleaning for bulky items like Venetian blinds, and vacuum freeze-drying to restore damaged papers. We will also test moisture levels in the area and monitor the levels throughout drying, to make sure the atmosphere is not welcoming to new mold spores.

For help protecting your precious heirlooms, call SERVPRO of Warren County at (908) 454-3900.

Premier Restoration Services for Damaged Hackettstown Homes and Businesses

9/12/2020 (Permalink)

four pics of house damage fire water hurricane SERVPRO Provides Fire, Storm, Water, and Commercial Cleanup and Restoration Services to Hackettstown Area Damaged Properties

While the entire Warren County area has nearly 110,000 residents, almost a quarter of those numbers are between the Hackettstown and Phillipsburg areas. Our central location throughout all of the townships and boroughs that we serve can help us provide a fast response with reliable restoration services when every minute counts. Nearly all disasters come with a finite timeline to protect and preserve affected structural elements and contents in the house. This fast response amid the crisis is valuable for our customers in their time of need. In addition to fire, water, storm, and commercial restoration efforts, we also help those with more challenging situations like biohazard cleaning, air duct cleaning, and reconstruction.


With fire damage emergencies threatening Hackettstown homes, it is vital to provide customers with a fast and reliable response. Conditions can steadily worsen after extinguishment, while fire restoration companies are secured and contacted. Our SERVPRO professionals are preferred vendors with home insurance companies in the area, making us a trusted choice in both the fire mitigation and later repairs or reconstruction that the property needs.

Content Cleaning and Restoration After Fire Damage

Protecting what matters most to your family in your Hackettstown home involves assessing content damage and exposure on an item-by-item basis. Evaluation of your personal belongings and furniture is one of the main agendas of thorough job scoping that occurs before mitigation begins. There are on-site cleaning and restoration tactics that can prevent off-site recovery at our facility such as drying, deodorization, and surface cleaning for soiling.

Steps to Clean a Smoke-Damaged Home

Smoke damage is often unavoidable, especially in the humid continental climate expected in Hackettstown and all of New Jersey throughout most of the year. Higher moisture content and damper surfaces burn more slowly and smolder, producing higher volumes of thicker smoke. Residues and soiling resulting from wet smoke fires can be among the most considerable challenges that our professionals address during mitigation. Removing these residues involves a combination of multiple approaches, including:

  • Sandblasting
  • Soda Blasting
  • Solvent Cleaning
  • Controlled Demolition


With so many homes throughout Warren County, including Hackettstown and Phillipsburg, its thousands of residents make water emergencies a nearly constant threat. From cold snaps that can burst exposed water lines in multiple homes and businesses in the same night to independent incidents like damaged water-fed appliances in a family's kitchen, we have the tools and the experience to help. Because of massive structures in our area like the Mars Wrigley Confectionery, we must have water mitigation strategies for single-family homes and sprawling commercial properties.

What Are the Best Approaches for Water Removal?

Extraction is a vital element to the water mitigation services that we can provide Phillipsburg homes and businesses when disasters strike. Efficient water removal is critical to reducing the migration of water effects throughout a property through absorption into porous, high-permeability materials like drywall, wood, and insulation. Removing standing water often involves a collection of industry-leading equipment in our inventory, such as:

  • Wet Vacuums
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Carpet Wands
  • Weighted Extractors

Thorough Drying Practices for Damaged Homes

As a large loss recovery team that can work to provide thorough drying practices for Hackettstown homes and its more substantial commercial properties, we tailor drying and other restorative tasks to the specific needs of the structure. While air movers and dehumidifiers are still fundamental in drying, industrial-grade desiccants can simultaneously promote evaporation and moisture removal in numerous areas of a warehouse or big-box retail store.


New Jersey has experienced several devastating hurricanes and destructive weather events in Hackettstown's more than 150 years as its own town. While residents cannot prevent the weather from turning, it is possible to stay prepared for these emergencies by securing flood restoration companies like our SERVPRO of Warren County team as soon as possible after disasters. Flooding situations continually worsen until extraction, drying, and repairs occur.

How Do We Manage Flood Damages?

Flooding is often an inevitability after storms impact Hackettstown homes. Structural breaches and natural flooding scenarios play a role in how quickly structures can become overwhelmed by impeding water conditions. Emergency services like tarping and board-up can stop the flow of floodwater into the house while extractors like trash pumps work to remove pooling water from the house's damaged areas.

Is Reconstruction Needed After a Flood?

Reconstruction and repairs are often vital after storm and flood losses in your Hackettstown home. With a team of in-house contractors, we can offer immediate repairs during mitigation. Controlled demolition can often get utilized to discard materials impacted by potentially contaminated materials.


Because we have larger commercial structures like the Mars Wrigley Confectionary or the private Centenary College in Hackettstown, disaster restoration after fire, water, and flooding require tools different than what is necessary for residential mitigation. Trailered generators, desiccants, and truck-mount extractors can all play a role in large loss recovery to keep a business going despite a compromising disaster

When Can the Cleaning of Your Business Occur?

Cleaning up after a disaster is essential to getting the doors of your Hackettstown business back open again. Even without an emergency, surface cleaning, deodorization, and carpet cleaning practices can revitalize your facility's look and feel for your customers and staff. Because these efforts can compromise your ability to serve patrons, we offer scheduled cleaning on a one-time or ongoing basis after-hours.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

In the current climate, disinfection and sanitization are needed elements to a safe and productive workspace in your Hackettstown business. Our latest defensive cleaning program, Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned seeks to provide the most modern approaches, products, and techniques to remove the threats of viral and bacterial pathogens in communal areas of your business. Some of these actions include:

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Applying Disinfectant
  • Air Quality Control

From disaster restoration and mitigation to thorough cleaning when your home or business needs it most, our SERVPRO of Warren County team can help. We have experienced professionals and industry-leading equipment to make losses "Like it never even happened," when you call (908) 308-2850.

What can I do about Water Damage in my home?

9/3/2020 (Permalink)

"24/7 Service" Property owners breathe a sigh of relief when the SERVPRO green fleet swiftly arrives for water loss mitigation. Contact us today, we are here 24/7

SERVPRO can help you Eliminate every bit of Water Damage in your Hackettstown home.

Should I be Concerned About Mold from a Plumbing Leak?

Depending on the environmental conditions in your Hackettstown home or business, mold colonies can begin to germinate within 24 to 48 hours after a water leak from broken plumbing or overflow from toilets and sinks. Warm, moist pockets are perfect conditions for mold growth. Water removal and cleanup completed within 24 hours usually can eliminate the potential for mold spores to germinate.

SERVPRO can respond to a water cleanup request in Hackettstown, usually in less than four hours. Once the water source is controlled, our team immediately focuses on removing all excess water from floors, inside walls, and cavities. In some situations, we may have to drill holes in walls or at the bottom of cupboards to reach crevices where water has collected. We use suction wands to remove excess water and then blow dry air into the crevices to absorb moisture and properly dry it. We use weighted extractors to remove water from carpets and under padding before employing air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the area thoroughly.

Who Will Repair the Damage Caused by the Water?

Even a relatively small water leak can cause a surprising amount of damage. SERVPRO may have to drill holes into walls to remove water and moisture inside the walls and underneath cupboards. In more complicated situations, the baseboards and drywall near the floor may need to be removed to gain access and thoroughly dry the area.

Wet carpets and the underpad can usually be dried. Occasionally, the carpet may become stained or discolored from materials leaching glues and colorants from furniture and walls. SERVPRO will always attempt to clean the flooring while drying; however, in some cases, the carpet and underpad may need to be replaced.

Our team at SERVPRO can handle the initial water damage cleanup and manage the restoration and repairs. We can save time and reduce the total cost while restoring your home to its original condition.

Call SERVPRO of Warren County (908) 454-3900 to assist with your emergency water cleanup, recovery, and restoration needs.

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What Happens If I Wait to Cleanup Floodwater in My Home?

8/15/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged floor by entry door; hardwod flooring removed Flood damage sometimes requires us to remove damaged structural items like hardwood floors. Our techs are trained and equipped to restore your home.

SERVPRO techs are available around the clock to clean up any size water damage in your Washington Township property 

It does not matter if water enters your Washington Township home through a damaged roof or a flash flood that leaves a standing inch of the wet stuff in your basement. The extraction and cleanup need to start quickly to minimize the cost of repairs and replacement of both building materials and possessions. 

How Does Flood Damage Affect Different Areas in My Home?  

There is not a single way to handle flood damage that hits your Washington Township home. Before the SERVPRO team arrives, it is a good idea to do some preliminary actions:   

  • Pick up and move items off the floor to a safe area
  • Remove valuables if you need to stay elsewhere during the cleanup
  • Make sure pets get moved to a safe space
  • Put down towels or rags to assist in the absorption of water 

Water Cleanup in the Kitchen After a Storm  

When water intrudes into your kitchen, the floor and subfloor tend to get hit the hardest. The natural inclination of water is to migrate at a downward pace as rapidly as possible. For example, heavy rain that drove water in through a worn area around a door can seep under the tile into the subfloor and affect the crawlspace or basement below, exacerbating the problems in the home quickly. If water runs under cabinets, removing the toe-kick may not be enough to open up the extraction and drying area. Damage occurs if water wicked into the sheetrock and caused deterioration of the backing walls. We use controlled demolition actions such as carefully pulling the cabinets forward so that the area can get dried thoroughly. This attention to detail eliminates the potential for secondary issues occurring. 

Common Issues in Living Rooms   

A room that the family spends a lot of time in can have a host of things on the floor, usually, carpet or hardwood, such as baskets, magazines, and pillows, to name a few. These items should be moved, particularly off the carpet, as inks from printed materials can bleed and cause permanent stains. SERVPRO techs can assist in saving the cost of replacing furnishings by:   

  • Placing furniture on blocks to dry in place
  • Removal of undamaged items to an area outside the job site 
  • Spot cleaning for water spots on the carpet
  • Professional drying techniques such as floating for complete dryness
  • Upholstered furnishings with rainwater absorption can typically get dried in place    

When Water Damage Happens in the Attic   

Some Washington Township storm damage may need temporary repairs such as a broken window or a damaged roof from wind or hail, allowing water into the interior of the home. Once in the attic, the water can run through the insulation and eventually through the ceiling saturating items below. SERVPRO techs have the skills and materials to perform temporary measures that will hold in place until the final repairs can get done. If the cleanup efforts begin rapidly enough, the techs can collect the fiberglass insulation for drying, sanitizing, and re-installation to save the cost of replacement for the homeowner. Frequently needed actions by the techs to include:   

  • Tarping over damaged roofing
  • Boarding up windows
  • Creating barriers to stop water from entering through broken door frames or jambs. 

Issues in the Basement from Floodwater  

If you have a working sump pump, it can help minimize the amount of cleanup needed when floodwater winds up in your basement. However, if your pump is inoperable, overwhelmed with too much water, or you do not have one, you need professional extraction and drying as fast as possible. SERVPRO techs have submersible pumps when the water is higher than two inches in depth and truck-mounted extraction units to pull out the maximum amount of water and debris. 

Locating All Areas of Water Migration    

It is impossible to see all the water in a home after a flood damage event; however, through various types of moisture detection equipment, tracking the path of the water in the home can be done. These devices tell the techs exactly where to concentrate their efforts for extraction, drying, and proactive mold treatments as needed. The techs do a final inspection to ensure that all areas show readings as dry. 

SERVPRO of Warren County at (908) 454-3900 is available 24/7 to clean up and restore your home and contents from any size flood damage. With their advanced restoration methods and access to professional equipment, the experienced, certified techs can make the water damage in your home a thing of the past. 

Can Anyone Help Me With the Aftermath of a Small Fire in Hackettstown?

8/10/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged Home If you have a fire in your home, large or small, do not wait to get help.

SERVPRO of Hackettstown Can Provide Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration for Your Home!

One of the largest misconceptions about fire damage in Hackettstown is that it is always a massive disaster. Many people imagine a house burning straight to the ground and having nothing left to their names. While these kinds of fires do happen, they’re certainly not the norm. In fact, all across America, many homes might experience a small fire within their lifetime.

Imagine a scenario where you forgot to empty the lint tray of your dryer, and it caused fire damage in your Hackettstown home. However, before the fire could grow out of control, you were right there with an extinguisher, putting out the flames. Many people might see this situation as something they have to deal with themselves, but that is simply untrue. Even a small fire can leave behind unpleasant reminders. No matter the size of the fire in your home, it is not questionable to reach out for professional help. In fact, calling a company like SERVPRO is logical and can help ensure the longevity of your home.

What Kind of Side Effects Can a Small Fire Leave Behind in Your Home?

Any size fire can leave reminders inside of your home. Here at SERVPRO, we always aim to make you feel, “Like it never even happened.” To ensure this, we can address:
    •    Stains leftover on your walls and floor from smoke
    •    Lingering odors
    •    Debris leftover from the extinguisher

No matter the size of the disaster, SERVPRO can help you do away with the mess left behind, and the unpleasant reminders.

What Can SERVPRO Do to Remove the Evidence of the Fire?

We specialize in fire damage remediation and have advanced technology designed to remove it. We can do the following to help you forget about the trouble in your home:
    •    Remove soot residue with house-made cleaning solutions
    •    Use air scrubbers and thermal foggers to reduce odors
    •    Clean up debris leftover from the extinguisher and disinfect the area

Our goal is to make you feel like your home is the same as it was in its preloss condition.

If you have a fire in your home, large or small, do not wait to get help. Contact SERVPRO of Warren County by dialing (908) 454-3900. We’re eager to help you.

How Long Does It Take to Reopen My Hackettstown Business After A Fire?

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

Blazing Fire border isolated on black We are here to help you reopen as quickly and safely as possible.

For Fast, Professional Fire Restoration in Hackettstown, Call SERVPRO

What Is the Worst Type of Damage to My Business?

Each fire is different, but restoring businesses in Hackettstown with commercial fire damage is often minor in terms of physical destruction, but requires extensive work to clean everything on the display shelves. Using an auto parts store as an example, SERVPRO restoration teams may have a small amount of burned items to repair or remove, they still generated enough smoke to fill the building and leave residues over every surface.

If Cleaning Off Inventory Is the Worst of It, Can’t I Do That Myself?

No. Smoke residues can be dry and powdery (burned paper) or wet and sticky (burned plastic). The former can be wiped down with a dry sponge, but the latter need special cleaners designed to not only remove the residues but also protect the items they cling to. Many of the cleaners we employ are commercial-use only, and not available at big box stores and other retailers. Our Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRTs) teams also have access to a nationwide network of specialized vacuums that can pull even the smallest particle of the residue off any surface.

What about the Odors the Fire Left in My Store?

SERVPRO has specially trained Odor Control Technicians (OCTs) to eliminate even the most pungent odors left after a fire. Removing the odor-causing particles eliminates the strongest odors, but if the fire burned long enough, some particles can penetrate deeply into items like ceiling tiles and the fabrics in car seat covers. OCTs dispose of the ceiling panels and use cleaners designed to bind with the odor particles and neutralize them.

To learn more or schedule a service visit to your business here or in Washington Township, call SERVPRO of Warren County at (908) 454-3900. We are here to help you reopen as quickly and safely as possible.

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What Actions Might Help Save My Valuables When Floodwaters Take Long To Recede?

7/22/2020 (Permalink)

Person standing in flood water Flood damage in your home? SERVPRO can make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Crews Help by Moving Items and Taking Other Steps to Ease the Extent of Flood Damage in Washington Township Properties.

Flooding incidents cause widespread damage to properties by soiling, contaminating, and compromising the structural integrity of different materials. In many cases, the floodwater that breaches your property recedes within minutes or hours, allowing you to carry out restoration processes. If flooding continues to cover your property over a lengthy period, you might not be sure what to do. SERVPRO teams are trained to assist Washington Township homeowners in taking charge of such situations.

How does the time floodwater takes to recede affect recovery?

You may think of flood damage at your Washington Township home only in terms of the intensity of the storm or the amount of water that breaches your property. However, property remaining submerged for extended periods adds a different set of challenges. For instances, it is risky to wade into the house because of several hazards, including:

  • Electrocution
  • Exposure to contaminants
  • Injury from sharp objects such as shattered glass

Waiting until the water recedes also means that the structure and your valuables continue to deteriorate, increasing the losses you have to bear. Since professional restorers have the resources to enter flooded property safely, it is possible to take some protective actions that limit the water damage.

Which protective actions can help if floodwaters are yet to recede? 

  • Moving valuables
  • Securing the property through boarding up
  • Controlling contaminants by spraying disinfectants

In most cases, the stagnant water is confined to the lower levels of your property, unless it is a catastrophic flooding event. Extended exposure of furniture, appliances, and other contents to such water worsens the degree of damage, but moving them from the submerged areas can help. The only challenge is that the risk of wading into the flooded sections outweighs the benefits of any savings you make.

SERVPRO technicians have various resources that help facilitate movement while eliminating risk. We use safety equipment such as non-contact voltage detectors to check whether electrical currents are flowing through the water to ensure no one is electrocuted from stepping into the house. Our technicians also wear protective clothing such as rubber boots and bodysuits that shield them from contaminants and other hazards when they wade into the flooded sections of your house. 

When water stagnates over extended periods, bacteria and other microbial organisms proliferate. Therefore, although floodwaters are usually contaminated, prolonged stagnation periods increase the contamination levels. We help control this by spraying disinfectants and antimicrobial products directly into standing water when we enter the property. Antimicrobial agents help stop or limit the growth of microorganisms, while disinfectants kill about 99% of organisms.

What is necessary to secure a flooded property?

Storms cause different damages to properties, including blowing off roofs and shattering windows. These openings can allow in rainwater or small animals, thus damaging the property further. Finding a way to close the openings is one way to secure the property. Our SERVPRO crews board-up wall openings and install roof tarps to secure the interior sections of your property. 

Apart from securing the interior of the house from external factors, sometimes it is necessary to seal off unaffected rooms to prevent the spread of moisture, contaminants, and other unwanted materials from the affected areas. Our technicians can seal off openings such as doors or hallways with plastic sheets creating physical barriers if we deem them necessary.

Can I prevent mold or rust?

Mold and rust are a common outcome when there is plentiful moisture in a property. Rust affects metallic materials, while growing mold consumes organic materials, although it can develop on almost all surfaces. Since most of the materials in the house fall under the two categories, you have reason to worry the longer floodwater remains in your home. Our crews can help prevent mold development through actions like storing items in cold storage. Freezing works if it is done before 48 hours elapse and can help save documents and fabrics. Expediting air-drying of the household items we remove from the house and preventing electronics from cooling to the dew point can help keep rust from developing.  

It is important to note that preventive measures only work to some degree, so the issues we try to avoid might still develop. However, our crews can reverse some of the damages by cleaning or using other restorative processes. We also replace the worst damaged materials, eliminating traces of the damage done, "Like it never even happened."

Watching as your property remains submerged in water for days is disheartening, but you can fight back. Call SERVPRO of Warren County at (908) 454-3900 to help. We are available 24/7.

Why Do I Need the Disruption and Expense of Professional Water Restorers for a Minor Leak or Breakdown?

7/16/2020 (Permalink)

waer damaged basement; ceiling tile removed; furniture and carpet drying An appliance upstairs can cause water damage issues downstairs. SERVPRO knows how to restore your home.

Science Underlies Structural Drying During Water Removal in Hackettstown -- SERVPRO Trains Team Members in All Aspects of Water Restoration Best Practices  

Common plumbing leaks and appliance malfunctions are often at the heart of a water loss in your Hackettstown house. If you think you caught the issue fast enough, you might believe a few towels and a mop can remove the problem. However, water damage is full of surprises, and failure to account for the possibility of secondary damage can result in significantly more severe and prolonged harm to your home.  

Who Can Assure Me That They Can Remove all Water Damage? 

Thorough water removal in Hackettstown is critical to returning your home to "Like it never even happened." Water behaves in predictable yet mysterious ways. It is always looking for an outlet but does not broadcast its itinerary. Our technicians train through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) master operation of tools and techniques designed to trace the water's migration.  

We use the readings recorded to provide the theory and the data to perform appropriate water removal and drying. 

What Are the Steps of Water Removal in a Residence? 

SERVPRO crews must focus first on aggressive water extraction, using pumps for water deeper than two inches. Truck-mounted or portable extractors, or both if appropriate or needed for confined spaces pull the remainder of the standing water out of the affected area. The more liquid water removed, the better as persistent extraction reduces the second step's length, applied structural drying. 

Take full advantage of the team's training and equipment at SERVPRO of Warren County when you seek water removal. Call (908) 454-3900 for a prompt assessment and an effective plan. 

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