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Mold Myths Dismantled

11/27/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Mold Myths Dismantled Mold damage in Mount Hermon,NJ

Mold is a topic nobody thinks about unless they’ve found some. By then, they’re usually frantically searching for fungus cleanup tips. That can take you into the depths of the internet researching sketchy DIY bleach formulas and the like. Mold myths can waste your time at best and worsen your Mount Hermon,NJ, mold problem at worst. Get up to date on the latest mold myths and learn how not to cleanup mold.

Mold Myths Typically Center On

  • How mold should be removed
  • What mold is
  • What causes mold

Each can cause you to endure a mold problem longer than necessary, so it’s important to dismantle these fungus cleanup myths.

Myth 1 – Bleach Is Best for Mold Removal
Many people immediately turn to chlorine bleach for stopping mold growth. But while bleach is good for many things, mold removal is not one of them. That’s because it doesn’t penetrate porous materials to get to where mold roots live and thrive. Bleach also contains water, a big no no when preventing mold.

Myth 2 – Your Business Can and Should Be Totally Mold Free
As much of a problem as they can be, mold spores are a natural part of the environment that are all around us every day. There’s not truly a way to remove every single mold spore from your business and that’s ok – mold’s only an issue when its concentration reaches super high, visible levels.

Myth 3 – Mold Is Harmless
Mold is going to be in your environment, but letting it grow unchecked isn’t a great idea. Mold allergies are well documented and mold’s destructive effects on walls, floors, furniture and the like are undeniable.

While mold and fungus cleanup can seem urgent, making sure you’re not worsening the problem is most important. Pay attention to mold myths and you’ll understand what to do, what not to do, and when it’s time to get professional mold help.

How To Ensure You Find All the Smoke Damage in Your Building

11/23/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO How To Ensure You Find All the Smoke Damage in Your Building Smoke damage in a Oxford Township,NJ commercial property

Smoke Penetrates all Surfaces

If you have a fire in your building or there is a fire in a nearby building in Oxford Township,NJ, you could suffer smoke damage. Getting rid of it requires being aware of where it is, which can be a difficult thing to do. You have to understand how smoke moves through a building and how it damages items.

1. How Smoke Moves and Settles

Smoke seeks out cool areas, so it is most often found in higher areas of the building. If you have a second story, expect to find excessive smoke damage in that area compared to the other areas of your building. Be aware that you must clean even those areas without visible damage if smoke penetrated them. While damage can be invisible to the eye, it usually leaves behind a dry and powdery or sticky residue.

2. How Damage Occurs

Probably the most obvious result of smoke you will notice is soot damage. This usually causes a staining or yellow discoloring on the affected item. Do keep in mind that it may not show up right away. This is especially true when it comes to walls, flooring and other porous materials, such as stone. It may also result in the corrosion or tarnishing of metals.

3. How Important Smoke Cleaning Can Be

You may notice a lingering odor if you fail to get every exposed surface clean because smoke gets locked into fabrics and carpet. Even a small area left uncleaned can make the whole building smell of smoke. Sometimes the only solution is to contact smoke remediation specialists. They will help you know if the tiny smoke particles are so embedded into the materials that you have to remove the items.

After a fire in Oxford Township,NJ, it is imperative to remove all the smoke damage in your building. If you do not understand how smoke moves through an area, it can make this process difficult. However, being aware of what you face in terms of damage allows you to get your building back to its pre-fire state.

3 Steps to a Fresh Home After Flooding

11/18/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO 3 Steps to a Fresh Home After Flooding Water damage restoration in Oxford Township,NJ

Restore Your Home After Flooding

Restoring your home after flooding is hard work but well worth it. As long as you keep these three steps in mind, you can prevent mold growth, protect your health, and revitalize your home.

1. Clear Your Space

Get all the water you can out of your home, and remember that a wet/dry shop-vac is your friend. Dispose of any items that are waterlogged. Lay out a tarp in a dry, sunny area for anything you want to keep. Wood and metal items can be dried out and refinished or painted. Photos may be a bit damaged, but many can be restored digitally.

2. Inspect the Walls

Water can get into the tiniest of cracks and lead to mold growth. If you can slip a sheet of paper into a spot, it's possible for water to get through. You’ll need to find those spaces in your walls and flooring.

Carefully feel around. Is anything soft that shouldn’t be? Do you hear anything when you walk around or knock on walls? Examine all the corners you can find. You may need to pull out baseboards and other trim. Wall-to-wall carpet will likely need to be replaced.

3. Dry It Out

Open up all the windows and use high-powered fans to begin the drying process. If available, use specialized heaters and lamps on the damper areas. If water has gotten into your walls and floors, or if you suspect there might be mold, it’s time to call mold remediation specialists. They have the mold removal equipment, industrial fans and heaters, cleaning products and professional expertise required to get your home back to a clean, fresh state.

Water in your Oxford Township,NJ, home isn’t the end of the world. With hard work and a little help from the pros, your home and possessions can be cleaned, repaired, and restored so you can move on from mold growth and get back to creating memories.