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Mold in Floorboards

Mold spreads quickly, so a minor mold infestation can quickly escalate into a major problem. In Phillipsburg, NJ, this home experience mold growth in their floo... READ MORE

Dog Feces in House

Life happens. Kids will spill drinks, pets will have accidents and homes get dirty. In this Phillipsburg, NJ home, a dog had a bunch of accidents in the house,... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration Specialists

When a home in Hackettstown, NJ suffered from a severe water loss, our SERVPRO of Warren County team was called to action. It is critical to call certified rest... READ MORE

Who do I call after my home experiences water damage?

When your Hackettstown, NJ home or business experiences water damage, it is critical to get a certified crew on site as quickly as possible to prevent secondary... READ MORE

Cleaning the YMCA Lodges

The local YMCA needed their lodges cleaned before they could be used again for the Summer. During the winter dust and grime had collected in the different cabin... READ MORE

HVAC Cleaning for Large Commercial Buildings

Having your HVAC system cleaned will help your business stay clean. The ducting gathers dust over time and should be cleaned at least once a year. HVAC filters ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Blairstown, NJ

After a severe water loss in this commercial facility in Blairstown, NJ, SERVPRO of Warren County received a call from the property owners. Our team immediately... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Damage

After this commercial facility experienced mold damage, our SERVPRO of Warren County team was called to action. Mold can be very harmful to you and the people a... READ MORE

Large Commercial Water Loss

After a water loss in this commercial facility in Phillipsburg, NJ, SERVPRO of Warren County quickly responded. Our SERVPRO of Warren County crew has the traini... READ MORE

Storm and Wind Damage

After severe weather hits, a lot of damage can be left on your residential or commercial property. Heavy winds can drive rain to under your roof and shingles wh... READ MORE